week in review – 06/25 – 07/01/12

Better late than never!

Theatrical Viewings

Barbarella (Vadim, France/Italy, 1968) – Castro Theatre, 35mm; 2nd viewing

Roman Holiday (Wyler, USA, 1953) – Stanford Theatre, 35mm; 3rd viewing

Sabrina (Wilder, USA, 1954) – Stanford Theatre, 35mm; 2nd viewing

Home Viewing

Les dites cariatides (The So-Called Caryatids) (short) (Varda, France,) – Digital Projection, Fandor

Elsa la rose (short) (Varda, France, 1965) – Digital Projection, Fandor

The Girl’s Nervy (short) (Reeves, USA, 1995) – Digital Projection, Fandor

Upcoming Possibilities

The Connection (Clarke, USA, 1962) – Roxie, 06/29 – 07/05

Beyond the Black Rainbow (Cosmatos, Canada, 2012) – Roxie, 06/29 – 07/07

Le amiche (Antonioni, Italy, 1955) – PFA, 07/06

Always For Pleasure (Blank, USA, 1978) – PFA, 07/07


subtly sophisticated psychedelia

I think my boyfriend thought I was kidding when I sighed extravagantly after finishing Barbarella (Roger Vadim, France/Italy, 1968) and instantly proclaimed that I loved it, but I honestly did. It’s like the cinematic equivalent of a lot of the 60’s French pop songs I’ve been devouring lately—fever-pitched adolescent fantasy carefully aware that it’s being naughty without pushing things too far, and, above all, endlessly obsessed with its own self-absorption and unashamedly reveling in it.

The major appeal now is the kitschiness, of course, but voluptuous young Jane Fonda somehow manages to give the film a subtle balance, and if sometimes the wide moon eyes seem a little too calculated, her expressions in a lot of the post-coital reaction shots are simply priceless (though they certainly seem warranted after a certain angelic encounter…), and I found myself laughing at most of her corny throwaway quips if only because her comic timing is, surprise, surprise, so spot-on.