week in review – 07/10 – 07/15/12

Theatrical Viewing

Le notti di Cabiria (Nights of Cabiria) (Fellini, Italy, 1957) – PFA, 35mm; 2nd viewing

Ted (MacFarlane, USA, 2012) – Century Theater, Digital Projection

At the San Francisco Silent Film Festival at the Castro Theatre:

The Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrovna (Schwarz, Germany, 1929) – 35mm

The Docks of New York (von Sternberg, 1928) – 35mm

Stella Dallas (H. King, USA, 1925) – 35mm

Le voyage dans la lune (The Voyage to the Moon) (Restored Color Version) (Méliès, France, 1902 – Digital Projection; 3rd viewing

The Cameraman (Keaton, USA, 1928) – 35mm

Home Viewing

Ulysse (Varda, France, 1982) – Digital Projection, Fandor; 2nd viewing

The Extraordinary Voyage (Bromberg & Lange, France, 2011) – Digital Projection, Fandor

Alice Neel (Neel, USA, 2007) – Netflix Instant (expired)

Upcoming Possibilities

Beasts of the Southern Wild (Zeitlin, USA, 2012)

Sandra (Visconti, Italy, 1965) – PFA, 07/25


2 thoughts on “week in review – 07/10 – 07/15/12

  1. Why do these weekly postings never include your thoughts about the films? They seem useless, arrogant, and self-absorbed, otherwise. Why would anyone care what you watched if you aren’t providing commentary?

    1. Hi there. I truly wish I had a journalistic-like mind that had immediate reactions and opinions on the films I see, but frankly I’ve come to realize that my brain just doesn’t operate that way, and the majority of the reviews I do end up writing involve a long period of reflection (usually weeks, sometimes as long as months). Anybody who knows me in person knows that I have a difficult time articulating my thoughts while walking out of a theater and immediately afterwards, and I’m afraid that carries over into this blog as well.

      I use these weeks in review then, serve as a kind of placemarker (I try to go back and update with links to reviews once they’re posted), a personal record, and perhaps even notifications of future screenings for fellow Bay Area cinephiles. I’ve also enjoyed how they often allow for an opportunity for exchanges and digressions in the comments section. Sorry you find it useless–if there’s ever anything in particular you’d like immediate comment on, always feel free to ask. And it is a good reminder to be more diligent in getting my reviews posted once I do write them.

      Thanks for stopping by anyway, and best,


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