week(s) in review – 06/04 – 06/17/12

I didn’t realize I had forgotten to post an update last week!  Busy viewing weeks too.  All first viewings unless otherwise noted.


The Color Wheel (Perry, USA, 2012) – Roxie Theater, 35mm

Daisies (Chytilová, Czechoslovakia, 1966) – PFA, 35mm; 3rd viewing

Nightwatching (Greenaway,UK/Netherlands/ Poland/Canada, 2007) – PFA, 35mm

Moonrise Kingdom (W. Anderson, USA, 2012) – Metreon, Digital

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Hawks, USA, 1953) – Stanford, 35mm; 5th(?) viewing

The Films of Nathaniel Dorsky: Recent Films Program – PFA, all 16mm:

  • August and After (Dorsky, 2012)
  • The Return (Dorksy, 2011)
  • Pastourelle (Dorsky, 2010)
  • Compline (Dorsky, 2010)
  • Aubade (Dorsky, 2010)
  • Sarabande (Dorsky, 2009)
  • Winter (Dorsky, 2008)

Home Viewing

The Thin Red Line (Malick, USA, 1998) – Projected Blu-ray

Let Me Die a Woman (Wishman, USA, 1978) –  Projected Digital Streaming (Fandor)

The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender (Rappaport, USA, 1997) – Projected Digital Streaming (Fandor)

John Garfield (short) (Rappaport, USA, 2002) – Projected Digital Streaming (Fandor)

The Secret of Wendel Samson (short) (M. Kuchar, USA, 1966) – Projected Digital Streaming (Fandor)

The Color of Love (short) (Ahwesh, 1994) – Projected Digital Streaming (Fandor

The Soul of Things (short) (Angerame, 2010) – Projected Digital Streaming (Fandor

Upcoming Possibilities

Keep the Lights On (Sachs, USA, 2012) – Frameline at the Castro, 06/20

Rio Bravo (Hawks, USA, 1959) – Stanford Theatre, 06/20 – 24

The Fallen Sparrow (Wallace, USA, 1943) – PFA, 06/23

The Films of Nathaniel Dorsky: Recent Films (USA, 2010–12) – PFA, 06/24


3 thoughts on “week(s) in review – 06/04 – 06/17/12

  1. “Fallen Sparrow” : I saw this as vhs rental fr video store.
    Then I moved to dvd but many pix did not – and store closed.
    It’s based on a ‘thriller’ by fine writer Dorothy B Hughes who
    also wrote “In A Lonely Place,” which differs greatly fr the movie.
    (Patricia Morison had small film career but was costar of orig cast
    “Kiss Me, Kate,” Bwy). Another Hughes novel,”Ride the Pink
    Horse,” was filmed…I’ve never seen. Not sure it’s available.

    1. The Sparrow is actually playing with In a Lonely Place as a Hughes double feature. I know you’re a big fan of Hughes’s novel, which is one I read this last semester and was really impressed as well (another review I need to get around to!). Ride the Pink Horse has a really high reputation with noir aficionados, and I’ve nearly crossed paths with it several times but haven’t seen it yet, alas. I don’t think it’s available on any home video formats, but if I ever run across it I’ll let you know!

      1. Amazon has a dvd for $22, but a reviewer says the quality
        is bad and not worth the money. Adding : it’s a nifty film.

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