vertigo film preservation blogathon banner

…and it’s an expensive one as well.  Which is why I’m excited to participate again in the annual For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon, slated this year for May 13 – 18.  Describing this year’s project, the Self Styled Siren says that “we are working to get a piece of film history out there for everyone to see, with a score that’s worthy of its importance.”  That bit of film history is no less than getting a score recorded for and digitizing The White Shadow, the silent film that a young Alfred Hitchcock worked extensively on that caused quite a stir when it was rediscovered in New Zealand the year before last. Details of the entire project are spelled out in detail over at This Island Rod, and while I wish we were doing something that directly involved celluloid preservation, film preservation in general is an endlessly worthy topic that always needs a higher profile.  That, and I had a great time composing my contributions last year, which can be read here and here.

So with that, see you in May!

White Shadow Hitchcock
Still from “The White Shadow”

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