new directions (for now)

That Memories of the Future has once again lapsed into a state of dormancy for so long has been a pesky matter of annoyance for some time now.  I have finally had to face the fact that ever since I made film a formal academic pursuit I have been unable to muster up much enthusiasm to write about and review film “for fun” in any kind of sustained manner.

What I have found, however, is that my reviewing energies haven’t necessarily evaporated, they’ve just changed.  As it now stands, nearly everything I write not meant to be part of a thesis or turned in for a grade revolves around the books I read, which in retrospect is something which should not have particularly surprised me, as the reverse was exactly the case when I was getting a literature degree.  I have been a active member of the Goodreads community for some time now, and as such most of my “unofficial” writing has been inspired by and posted there.  Which is something that has been increasingly alarming me—as I have found over the years with all of the postings I made in my first blog over at Rotten Tomatoes, entrusting one’s writing to another website is a foolhardy position to put oneself in, especially if one is interested in retaining such things as a record as some kind.  And while I’m completely happy with how Goodreads currently runs their site, I recognize that might not always be the case.

So basically I’ve decided to begin posting the thoughts on my reading here, and cross-posting it on Goodreads.  As such, I will not only have more control over the content, but who knows, maybe getting in the habit of blogging once again will inspire some more cinematic-minded posting again as well, especially since so much of my reading is necessarily cross-pollinated by my current cinematic preoccupations…



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