Not back, not really.  I haven’t really missed Memories of the Future in my time since I gave it up, though occasionally I do puzzle over its ultimate fate.  The thing is, I have kept up with my writing, and now I have an unwieldy backlog of capsule reviews accumulated over the last year that are increasingly difficult to access in a Word document (and I dearly need them, given my lamentably awful ability to retain details or even impressions over an extended period of time).  That and the slight shock I received recently when I took a look at my blog stats and realized I’m still receiving nearly as many hits per day as I was when I was posting original content (and I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to feel about that, actually).

So anyway, I’ve decided for the time being I’m going to start posting my little capsule reviews, mostly for myself, but also for whoever it is that’s out there still reading (because the stats show that the Review Index is still being accessed on a regular basis)—hello, whoever you are!  My approach to writing these has grown increasingly inward and memory-oriented—more often than not I regard them as attempts to capture my particular memories of a film than as any particular attempt at analysis—so if they’re a bit incomprehensible or meaningless outside of myself, well, I apologize, but often that is rather the point.


7 thoughts on “reappearance

  1. I find myself in something of the same dilemma with my own blog, which I never really intended as a blog per se, but use mainly as a repository for what I write on the IMDB every week. In that regard, it’s useful. But actually blogging day in and day out? That’s beyond me. I don’t have the patience.

    Still and all, I do enjoy reading your blog, so I have an interest in seeing you continue. But don’t let me influence you one way or the other.

    Take care,
    Christianne (Chris-435 on the IMDB)

  2. Hi Chrisianne!

    I think “a repository for what I write on the IMDb every week” just about sums it up–at least for now. There’s certainly a time when I intend to jump back in to the blogosphere, but now is not quite the time.

    Thanks for stopping by though–I didn’t realize you were a reader!


  3. Whenever I find out someone I like on the IMDB has a separate blog, I usually bookmark them or add them to my blogroll or add them to my Google Reader. I’ve had you in there for a while. You have a very pleasant style of writing about film. Much more polished than my own.

    Take care,

  4. So, I posted this over at the RT website, until I realized you weren’t checking in on it… for a good year now. Anyways, I figured I’d come here and say it, in the case you might see it. After I recently looked at your top 10, I was kind of shocked to see that In the Mood for Love, Last Year at Marienbad, L’Eclisse, and Before Sunset were there. As those 4 are also in mine.

    If that wasn’t strange enough, the review I wrote for Before Sunset after I saw it consisted of me rambling more about how I thought Jesse “personified” me, rather than really talking about the film. If I had to pick one movie character that I thought described me in a film, it would be him, and it was so cool to read what you wrote in your review, seeing as it’s so similar to what I got from it.

    I dunno, just thought that was sort of funny and that I’d share it with you.

  5. Hi jon- Thanks for posting your thoughts over here as well, because yeah, as you noticed I don’t check in over at RT often. Have you posted your review of “Sunset” anywhere? I’d love to read your thoughts.

    And hi celinejulie! It’s good to know you’re lurking in these parts… :)


  6. Hey, sorry I’m so late to get back here to you… but I would love it if you would like to read the write-up I did on Before Sunset! I’ve written 3 reviews of it, one right after I saw it the first time, another about 1 year after that, and then one last kind of cumulative one which I wrote around October 2008.

    I had it posted on some other message board, but that is long since gone, so I copied it off a file I have with tons of reviews on it to my RT journal.

    here’s the link:

    hope you enjoy it!

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