just a little something for the “personal misc.” category…

Considering how quickly things are erased over at IMDb, I thought I’d keep it here as well… it’s basically a brief history of my cinematic education via the IMDb Classic Film Board. Someday I’ll go back and expand it beyond just the CFB…

And where to start? Oh yeah—my name is spinninginvertigo and I’m quickly coming up to my eighth(!) year as an active CFB participant (though regrettably I’m not around nearly as much as I used to be). But I came to IMDb and soon after the CFB as a classic film as a 15 year old classic film neophyte—and as I’ve said before, my ensuing eight years as a cinema lover first developed and blossomed as a direct result of my participation here. Too many to name, but I’ll try—clore, Addison, bkamberger (the respondent to my very first post), lee, markclark, Chris, alice-34 and on a clandestine book board that popped up, saraarts—took an active participation in fostering a love of classic cinema not only through their much-admired by me knowledge and writing skills, but through actually taking the time to answering questions and kindly tolerating my simplistic, youthful observations…

The posters that cropped up soon after I joined would be the ones that would eventually broaden my horizons beyond the Dream Factory into the whole world beyond it—chief among them jiankevin/alsolike and ali, both with whom I’ve had the pleasure of expanding onboard friendship into something more tangible in “real life.” It’s funny—though I don’t think I participated, I consider that epic Third Man battle that introduced alsolikelife and zetes to the CFB as a pivotal moment for me, as for the first time I experienced firsthand two vivid, opposing voices deconstructing a beloved film through their analysis, with both refusing (as I recall) to bow to what I considered its status as a cinematic “sacred cow.” It really opened my eyes as to the importance of developing a unique perspective and cinematic sensibility, with the ability to question everything which has stuck with me to this day. Interactions with other posters met at this time—like Teresa and sprockets—have gone on to blossom into what I consider genuine friendships, even if my film taste no longer so closely aligns with one (Grace Kelly is just no longer my thing!) and the other has gone sadly MIA.

But it was really those fabled games/excercises of old like the CiNobles and most particularly the “Fixing the Oscars” cycle that not only forced me to expand my knowledge (I was watching a film a night there for a while just so I felt like I could put up what I considered a respectable Fixing ballot!) but put me in contact with a number of posters whose opinions I still pay rapt attention to (Antonius, Johnny, Dehlia, others I’m surely forgetting). Also at this time Addison also helped inspire a particular interest on my part in the art of film soundtracks.

I guess meeting Derek/CFK would be about next on the timeline, and for all of his witty insight and film knowledge he certainly played a more pivotal role “off board” at a time when I needed it most, as did the (now departed, though I’m constantly doing my best to bring him back) Caleb-CT. Most recently a friendship with vivalarsx has quickly proved to be immensely rewarding (and I’m sure I’m not the only who can say thank god he finally found his “voice!”).

Oh, and apart from the impartation of film knowledge, I should say—and she’ll probably laugh—that ali has influenced my writing style (something which extends far beyond the confines of this board) more than any other wordsmith in any medium I’ve yet come across (and as the holder of a degree in literature, I think that’s saying something). Though she is quick to dismiss them, her impressionistic (some would probably say impenetrable ) insights on the WCDYSLW? thread have wielded a surprising—even to me—influence, and a few brief, evocative sentances on India Song is probably the most constantly revisited piece of film criticism I’ve ever come across.

Okay, before I finally finish this off, I’ll say that aside from Caleb my most missed poster is Prof Critic. I keep hoping he’ll pop up one day. And even if she still pops her head in every once in a while, I wish Angel was around more often.

Yikes, that wasn’t very short, was it? Well, hopefully I managed to keep it from getting that sappy…

Oh wait, I really didn’t. Oh well.


9 thoughts on “just a little something for the “personal misc.” category…

  1. It was really sweet to read this, Jesse! Makes me this close to checking back in there… but it’s just hard to find time, harder than ever really.

    I think I’ve gotten over my crush on ali, but there were a period where I was prone to daydreaming about her. One of the smartest and sweetest cinephiles I’ve ever encountered.

  2. Well, I’m sure it certainly helps that you found your own smart and sweet cinephile to daydream about! ;)

    And I’m more or less in the same boat participation wise, though I still make it a point to post my capsule reviews over there, even though I rarely find it possible to keep up a discussion if it happens to spring up. I was kind of in an odd, reflective mood last night when I sat down to pen a few thoughts, and this is what poured out. And considering how much I felt like I had forgotten (names, events), I thougth it was prudent to save it for my own sake.


  3. Well, I already thanked you “over there,” but wanted to add one here as well. I often check in and read your blog, but never leave comments. This time I did.
    Let me know when you see “A Very Natural Thing”–I’m sure we’ll have lots to discuss

  4. Hey Lin-

    Even if you don’t comment it’s good to know that you’re reading. I appreciate that.

    Am currently focused on wrapping up 2007 releases and after that “A Very Natural Thing” is top priority!


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