i lied.

Well, technically I didn’t—I’ve actually been writing more in the last weeks than I probably have during any period in the last year or two, and as a result am on the cusp of unveiling a new project…

In other news, there’s a great new video of Owen up. And he got a haircut!


3 thoughts on “i lied.

  1. I accidentally fell upon him one day (he was under the name Final Fantasy and, at first, I thought a band deserted the poor kid) and I’ve been meaning to look into him more, but–for some odd reason–just never did. He played before Arcade Fire when I saw them back in 2005 and he was certainly a charming performing. He covered a Joanna Newsom song (which was fantastic, since I had been falling in love with her for about a month then) and prefaced his version with:

    “So I’m going to play a song by Joanna Newsom. Yeah, she’s great. I just hope she can stay mine for a little bit longer. I fear that soon mothers and daughters are going to be attending her concerts, crying into tissues. I really don’t want to see Joanna turn into some sort of Tori Amos character.”

    In other words, thanks for the video.

  2. He’s been my favorite (currently performing) musician for about a year and a half now, and one of 2007’s brightest moments was the concert he gave at a hole-in-the-wall venue here in San Diego to about 50 people. He comes off as a bit aloof while performing–or that’s the impression I always got from his videos–but he graciously waited around for a long time after he played talking with people in the crowd, and my boyfriend and I got to talk to him for a few minutes.

    I have a really long, convoluted account of the concert and some thoughts on his music written up that I’ve been meaning to polish up and posts for months now… yet another thing I need to get to…

    And it’s good to see you around these parts, Nick.

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