diving back into theory lately…

“Far from being an expression of natural differences, exclusive gender identity is the suppression of natural similarities. It requires repression: in men, of whatever is the local version of ‘feminine’ traits; in women, of the local definition of ‘masculine’ traits. The division of the sexes has the effect of repressing some of the personality characteristics of virtually everyone, men and women. The same social system which oppresses women in its relations to exchange, opresses everyone in its insistence upon a rigid division of personality” (p. 782).

“The suppression of the homosexual component of human sexuality, and by collary, the oppression of homosexuals, is therefore a product of the same system whose rules and relations oppress women…” (p. 782).

-Gayle Rubin, The Traffic of Women

“In this fictive England, she [Bertha Mason] must play out her role, act out of transformation of her ‘self’ into the fictive Other, set fire to the house and kill herself, so that Jane Eyre can become the feminist individualist heroine of British fiction.”

-Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Three Women’s Texts and a Critique of Imperialism

The McEven Sisters, Thomas Sully


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