learning to let go

Take Care of My Cat (Jae-eun Jeong, South Korea, 2001) is a wispy, narratively diffused film of the type that introduces its cast of characters at the beginning and is then content to let the film wander freely about, content in simply observing quietly the characters as they go about living their rather mundane lives.

Centered around a group of five friends as they embark in post high-school life, grappling in different ways to the big “what next?” question palpably hanging over their heads.  Through patient observation the film slowly evolves into moving examination of how friendships fade away once the common denominator of shared location is stripped away, and how moving on with life almost inevitably means drifting apart and letting go. The gentle irony that runs through the film is how this natural phenomenon still manages to exist in a world where communication—via cell phones, the internet, text messaging—is more readily available than it ever has been, and a person is only a few buttons or keystrokes away.  Wonderfully observed in nearly every way.


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