“lo stupore della notte spalancata”

Was watching it yet again and thought I’d share, since I can’t seem to come up with anything better these days…

Most of us movie types don’t usually string together “Ennio Morricone” and “pop song” into the same thought, but here’s the superb “Se telefonando” sung by Mina, which I’ve been listening to incessantly these days.

From Wikipedia:

In Spring 1966, Maurizio Costanzo and Ghigo De Chiara, the authors of the “Aria condizionata” TV show, wrote the lyrics for “Se telefonando”, a theme for the TV program. The famous serialist composer Ennio Morricone was asked to write and arrange the music, and Mina to sing. The encounter of Mina and the three authors took place around an upright pianoforte in a RAI rehearsal room at Via Teulada, Rome. Morricone started to repeat a short musical theme or by his words a “micro-cell” of just three notes, that he had caught from the siren of a police car in Marseilles. After a few beats Mina grabbed the sheet with the lyrics and started to sing, as if she had known the tune before. The result was a pop song with an unusual vocal range and numerous transitions of tonality, handled flawlessly by Mina.”

It’s so lovely that I was rather shocked to be informed several months after my introduction that it’s in fact a rather bleak breakup song…


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