TIFF Afterthoughts

So I’ve been back in San Diego for 24 hours, and I have to admit, I’m kind of sad to be back. Though the whole atmosphere of Toronto seemed to change over the weekend—a very palpable stillness fell over the city as things returned to “everyday life”—I just didn’t feel quite ready to let go and leave. And that’s a first for me—even during my trips to London I’ve been ready to return home when the time came.

Actually, what I think is that I wasn’t ready for the festival to conclude. On Saturday, the last day of the festival, I ran into Girish and Darren, two bloggers I admire tremendously, and in a few parting thoughts after what would prove to be all of our second-to-last film, both expressed that they had reached their filmwatching limits and were ready for the festival to finish. I had purposely kept my viewing schedule on the light side, but as the festival came to a close I found myself rather envying the sense of gluttonous fatigue I could sense from many of my fellow audience members, which I think brought the festival to a natural conclusion for most. One of the many things I learned at TIFF: I might have a greater capacity for consecutive movie watching than I have previously given myself credit for.

But with all said and done, TIFF 2007 was an amazing experience for me, and I relished the opportunity to not only see a number of excellent films, but get the opportunity to meet up and hang out with fellow bloggers and long-time internet friend. I wish I could say that I will certainly be going back come next September, but that likely won’t be the case considering I will just be starting classes for grad school (if all goes as planned). But I think I might just have to find a festival that will fit with my schedule…

Anyway, several new reviews, including the new films from Carlos Reygadas, Kenneth Brannagh, Hector Babenco and Manoel de Oliveira are up at DVD Verdict. I’m slowly getting there!



3 thoughts on “TIFF Afterthoughts

  1. Glad that you had such a great time at TIFF, and it was great to see you and Kaiser if only for one evening. I’ve just been through a bunch of your reviews on DVD Verdict. I’m planning to see SILENT NIGHT in a couple weeks at NYFF – your review has me excited. I hated JAPON but loved BATTLE IN HEAVEN? I’m not sure, if you’ve seen those films?

    Glad to hear the Breillat is wonderful too – sadly I’ll be missing it when it comes out. Oliveira sounds like more of the same – I swear that guy is just coasting and people are thrilled just because he’s still making films at his age.

  2. Kevin- Silent Light is indeed my first Reygadas experience, but I’m curious now to look into his other two films now. I’ll be curious as to what you think about SL once you see it, as I can see you going either way on it. And I can’t comment on Oliveira as this is the first film of his that I’ve seen, though I can’t write him off completely based on the simple fact that he’s Portuguese, and we don’t have many chances to see work coming out of the mother land. :)

    Darren- An email has been sent. Thanks for stopping by.


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