TIFF Update #2

Thoughts on Day Three—and some brief comments on Beyond the Years and Mira Nair Presents: Four Views on AIDS—up at DVD Verdict. Find them here.

Exciting news: this morning I was able to get tickets for Briellat’s Une vieille maîtresse and Van Sant’s Paranoid Park, two of the films I was most disappointed in not being able to get tickets for. Now if only Kawase’s The Mourning Forest becomes available…

I’m going to catch up yet!



3 thoughts on “TIFF Update #2

  1. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the new Coen Bros. film. I’ve been trying to avoid hearing too much about it, so yours might be the only review I read before experiencing it myself.

  2. I’ll pass on your kind words to my fellow judge Adam Arseneau, who wrote the review on No Country for Old Men. Did you really think it was a film I was going to see? ;)


  3. Oh, goddamnit. Of course I didn’t think you’d like it which is why I was surprised to such a positive review. I figured with all the films you’d be seeing at TIFF, you’d make time for that one… :(

    I did enjoy your Juno review (a film I wasn’t looking forward to until then), though now I’m also questioning whether or not you wrote that one either. It sounded like a much more “Jesse” review, so I’ll assume you did for now.

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