First TIFF Update!

I’m alive and I’m watching films… it’s just been awful trying to find internet connections. I’ll post it all here tomorrow, but here’s a link to DVD Verdict for now to a recap of my first two days. Hopefully I’ll get all caught up tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “First TIFF Update!

  1. I hope you and your boyfriend have so much fun at the festival. Will you go to see A STRAY GIRLFRIEND, an Argentine film by Ana Katz, and DANS LA VILLE DE SYLVIA by Jose Luis Guerin? I hope you can see these two films.

  2. Celinejulie-

    Sorry it has taken so long to respond, but every spare moment (until now) has been spent trying to type up thoughts and getting them posted. But we’re having a fantastic time… can’t believe it’ll already be a week tomorrow! Unfortunately I’m not able to catch either of those films… Dans la ville was one I had initially considered getting but the times didn’t work. Did see an Argentinian film today though… The Past, Gael Garcia Bernal’s latest.


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