New Review

My review of Philippe Garrel’s masterful Regular Lovers (Les amants réguliers)  is up at DVD Verdict.  I’m still not sure if I’m entirely happy with it… but it is what it is.


2 thoughts on “New Review

  1. I read your brilliant review of Regular Lovers, though i have to say i was struck by the absence of any mention of Bertolucci’s “Prima della rivoluzione”. True – “The Dreamers” is the far more recent film, and with the setting and casting of young Garrel in both films a comparison between the two films is definitely a worthwhile one (i did as much myself, albeit briefly). I have to say that i didn’t like the movie, although that’s probably down to being more of a sadist than a masochist when it comes to watching movies – so whereas you enjoyed the languid feel, all i can say is i was bored to tears; nor did i think the monochromatic cinematography worked particularly well – in this case seeming more like a gimmick than a narrative neccessity.

    Still… it’s horses for course i guess… like your blog!


  2. Codeknown- The reason for no mention of Prima della rivoluzione is because of the simple fact that I’ve yet to see it (when can we get a DVD release?!). Thanks for the kind words about the review itself though.

    The thing about a film like this is that I totally understand why it would for someone (for most people?), and I certainly don’t begrudge them for it. Unfortunately because of time restraints to make the review deadline I had to break the film into pieces over serveral days, and he rhythms were affected–oh how I’d love the opportunity to see it in a theater uninterrupted! If I ever get the chance I won’t ask you to join me though. ;)

    Are you going to write up some thoughts for IMDb?


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