My World (Last Week)

So for a while I’ve wanted to start posting what I’m watching, reading, listening to and experiencing a la Matthew Clayfield, because even if I’d love to expand on most (all?) of these things, I’ve learned that that’s just not a reality, particular at this time.  If anything, I figure mentioning it at least might spark some interest, and ever-conscious of such things, it makes a nice record for myself.  To kick things, off I figure I’ll include the last week or two.  

Watching, Films
The Hoax (2006) (Theater)
Muriel, le temps d’un retour (1963) (DVD)
The Namesake (2006) (Theater)
Super 8-1/2 (1993) (Duped DVD)

Watching, Theater

Verdi’s Il Travatore – San Diego Opera
 Berg’s Wozzeck – San Diego Opera

On Late Style: Music and Literature Against the Drain by Edward Said
On Photography by Susan Sontag
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
The White Album by Joan Didion
Emma by Jane Austen 


Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black
The Marriage of Figaro performed by the London Symphony


Annie Liebovitz: A Photographer’s Life (1990 – 2005) exhibit – San Diego Museum of Art


6 thoughts on “My World (Last Week)

  1. I’m very glad Muriel or The Time of Return has been released as a DVD. I have seen this film once ten years ago, and want to see it again. Delphine Seyrig is one of my most favorite actresses.

  2. Kathleen- It certainly doesn’t feel that way until I put it down in list form! Good luck as you finish up your firt year–make sure to send me a message on how it all went.

    celinejulie- I was really excited that I was able to give Muriel a second look, as the VHS I saw it on several years ago left a lot to be desired. I’m hoping to string some thoughts together in the near future.

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