Thumbing through a copy of URB magazine, a quote by Charlotte Gainsbourg caught my attention, as it’s an incredibly articulate expression of something in myself I’ve known for a long time:

“What I notice is that I have no imagination. For the piano I can’t improvise, and for acting I need a director and text. I have no ability to create from my own imagination, so all I do is follow other people’s ideas.”

And the thing is, I’m finally beginning to be okay with that.


One thought on “expression

  1. I’ve been thinking about this entry for the last few days, because it kind of caught me off guard. I’ve been encountering a lot of theory in my field for the last couple of years, and am getting a little scared that I’ll have absolutely nothing to add once I get around to writing a thesis. But then a professor of mine said to our class last week: “I have nothing new to tell you; I’m simply putting it in a different *way*.” And that made a lot of sense – when you think about art, theory or any kind of human creation, it’s always a composite of fragments and ideas that came before. And it’s not a bad thing at all, but simply the way we work…

    God, that makes no sense. But I needed to blab… your entries are really quite deep, Jesse. That’s why I take so long to comment!

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