“i love you. yes i do. and i’ll always be true.”

I was introduced to Françoise Hardy in the closing months of 2006, and in a whirlwind courtship almost entirely conducted via YouTube, I fell in love.

Needless to say, YouTube clips offer a wealth of vintage videos featuring music virtually unavailable in the US. They’re also fascinating to watch in and of themselves–oftentimes time capsules of 1960’s Europe. My favorite discoveries involve Françoise flitting around Swinging London, though interestingly I don’t care much for her when she sings in English. Anyway, a few snippets of Françoise adventures on the other side of the English Channel:

A bastardization of “Tous les garçons et les filles,” her most famous song, but it has its own schlocky charm (complete with a swooning string section). Tantilizing views of Buckingham and Trafalgar from the back of a cab.

Back before Fergie raped our ears with convulated metaphors involving London bridges, Françoise was already taking full advantage of Tower Bridge’s picturesque qualities. A testament to the days when I white girl bobbing awkwardly in front a camera could pass as a music video.

Because we all have fantasies of floating around Piccadilly Circus sitting on a mound of pillows and dressed in pajamas. Right? RIGHT?


6 thoughts on ““i love you. yes i do. and i’ll always be true.”

  1. Speaking of Françoise Hardy, and knowing you love French cinema, I was going to ask you if you have seen “8 femmes” by any chance. It features one of Hardy’s songs, “Message personnel”, performed by the magnificent Isabelle Hupert. If you haven’t seen the movie, I fully recommend it to you. I’m absolutely certain you will enjoy it.

  2. wow what isn’t on YouTube these days… these are charming clips. The reflections of London off the car window at the end of the first one are breathtaking, as are the views of Swingin’ London at night with Hardy in pjs – boy what a long way we’ve come from those days.

    thanks for introducing me to her music!

  3. I’ve seen these a number of times and I happen to adore Françoise Hardy. I’m glad you have these on here. Yes, you need to watch “8 femmes.” It’s very much indeed a good movie.

  4. Hey guys, sorry about the delay in a response. It’s been a crazy several days in the San Diego hotel industry.

    ferpecto: I’m afraid I haven’t seen 8 femmes, though it’s been high on my “too see” list since being very, very impressed by Les temps qui reste, Ozon’s latest (I’ve been more iffy on several of his others). 8 femmes sounds right up my alley. Be on the lookout for thoughts in the upcoming months.

    Kevin: I’m glad I threw that CD into your package at the last minute, though it seems quite removed from Nelly Furtado and the type of music you’ve seemed to be taking an interest in lately. But I’m glad you enjoyed the clips–and you’re a major reason why I’ve been spending more time at YouTube the last few months…

    Pablo: You’ve certainly been showing a different side to your musical tastes than what you usually indicate in your MC posts… Glad to hear you’re a fan though!

  5. Bien sûr….Françoise!…….pute!!!

    -J’ai pleasant ;-)

    You know, there’s also this one video of these two guys walking through the streets of San Diego in the rain, singing “Tout les garçons et les filles.” I really enjoyed it!
    You should check it out sometime.
    By the way, you should post the one of Françoise with Petula, and Sylvie. Good times, ;-)

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